SRU Service for LUP

About the SRU Service

SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) is a standard XML-based search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language) as the standard syntax for representing queries.

This service makes it possible to automate basic queries and search in all the public records of LUP.

Note that student papers are not included. They have their own SRU service.

If you want to harvest all the records, the LUP OAI service is better suited for that purpose.

To avoid server overload we kindly ask you to limit use to maximum 30 queries per minute.

The base URL for the service is

SRU and CQL conformance

  • Version 1.1 of SRU is supported (Link to specification here )
  • Scan operation is not supported.
  • Explain operation is supported.
  • The following relations are supported: '<', '>', '>=', '<=', '=',  '<>', 'exact', 'all', 'any'.
  • Relation modifiers are not supported.
  • The boolean operators 'And', 'Or', 'Not' are supported. 'Prox' is not supported.
  • Boolean modifiers are not supported.
  • Masking characters '*' and '?' are supported, except at the beginning of words.
  • Result sets are not supported.
  • Maximum number of records that can be returned for a single request is now 1000. By default not more than 20 records are returned, but this can be changed by setting the parameter maximumRecords.

Indexes available for CQL queries

The available indexes are listed below. Note that the '_' between letters are ignored in the index name and the index name is also case insensitive. So articlenumber can also be written as article_number or articleNumber.

Each index corresponds to one or more fields in the records.

Index nameRelations SupportedPossible ValuesSortableDescription
abstract <>, =, all, any any text no
articlenumber <>, =, >, exact any text no
articletype <>, =, exact One of 'article', 'review', 'letter' yes Old LUP subtype - depricated
artisticwork <>, =, exact 1 no 1 if document is artistic work
artisticworktype <>, =, any, exact See list of valid artistic work types no
author <>, =, all, any, exact See person indexes yes
authorf <>, =, all, any, exact See person indexes yes First author
authorl <>, =, all, any, exact See person indexes yes Last author
basic <>, =, all, any any text no Search in the following basic fields: alternativeTitle, author, conferenceName, contributor, corporateAuthor, editor, isbn, issn, mainTitle, oId, publication, publisher, publishingYear, uuid
conference <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes Conference name
contributorid <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text no LUCAT ID of contributor (or author or editor)
corporateauthor <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes
datecreated <, <=, <>, =, >, >=, exact See date-time indexes yes
datelastchanged <, <=, <>, =, >, >=, exact See date-time indexes yes
defensedate <, <=, <>, =, >, >=, exact See date-time indexes yes Date of defense. Can also be spelled 'defencedate'.
department <>, =, >, all, any, exact See list of valid department/affilation no will also find any subunits of the given organizationial unit
dissertationtype <>, =, exact 'composite' or 'monograph' yes Old LUP subtype - depricated
documentsubtype <>, =, all, any, exact see the list of document types yes matches the document subtype
documenttype <>, =, all, any, exact see the list of document types yes matches the full document type or the main type
doi <>, =, >, exact valid DOI no
editor <>, =, >, all, any, exact See person indexes yes
externalidentifier <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes PMID, PubMed, Other, Scopus, WOS etc
fulltext <>, =, exact 1 no 1 if document has open access full text
highereducation <>, =, exact 0 or 1 no
id <>, =, any, exact Valid UUID or old LUP ID (number) yes Matches the Pure UUID of the record or the old LUP ID if available
isbn <>, =, >, any, exact Valid ISBN yes
issn <>, =, >, any, exact Valid ISSN yes
keywords <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text no
language <>, =, exact three letter code. See the list of language codes. no
lucatid <>, =, >, all, any, exact Valid LUCAT ID yes LUCAT ID of an author
nonlu <>, =, exact 0 or 1 no 1 if not an LU publication
openaccess <>, =, exact 1 no Find documents that are open access either in LUP or externally
orcid <>, =, >, all, any, exact Valid ORCID no ORCID of an author
patentnumber <>, =, exact any text no
peerreviewed <>, =, exact 0 or 1 no
person <>, =, all, any, exact See person indexes yes finds matching authors or editors (excluding corporate authors)
popularscience <>, =, exact 0 or 1 no
project <>, =, >, all, any, exact project ID / free text no Search project ID or name
publication <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes
publicationstatus <>, =, >, exact see the list of publication statuses below yes
publisher <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes
publishingyear <, <=, <>, =, >, >=, exact valid year yes 'year' can also be used instead of 'publishingyear'
reportnumber <>, =, exact any text no
researchgroup <>, =, >, all, any, exact Research Group ID / free text no Search research group ID or name
spage <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes start page
subject <>, =, >, all, any, exact see the list of subjects codes no Truncate with '*'
supervisor <>, =, >, all, any, exact See person indexes no
title <>, =, all, any, exact any text yes Searches both the main title and the alternative title
tlhe <>, =, exact 0 or 1 no
url <>, =, exact Valid URL no
volume <>, =, >, all, any, exact any text yes

Date-time indexes

Search term can be in the form of:

  • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (required to match using the 'exact' relation)

For other relations you have the option to specify just parts of the date-time to match:

  • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm
  • YYYY-MM-DD hh
  • YYYY

For the '=' relation you can use the wildcards * and ? anywhere in the string to match. For example: 'datecreated = *-07-*' will find all records created in July any year.

Person Indexes

Searches names and IDs associated with the person.

If 'exact' is used the search term should one of:

  • "surname, given names" (used also for sorting)
  • lucat-id
  • orcid

List of values for specific fields

Document Types

Main Document typeDescription
contributiontobookanthologyChapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding
contributiontoconferenceContribution to conference
contributiontojournalContribution to journal
contributiontoperiodicalContribution to specialist publication or newspaper
nontextualNon-textual form
othercontributionOther contribution
workingpaperWorking paper

Document type (full, with subtype)Description
bookanthology/anthologyAnthology (editor)
bookanthology/proceedingeditorConference proceeding (editor)
bookanthology/scholarlyScholarly edition
contributiontobookanthology/chapterBook chapter
contributiontobookanthology/conferencePaper in conference proceeding
contributiontobookanthology/entryEntry for encyclopaedia/dictionary
contributiontobookanthology/proceedingprefacePreface to conference proceeding
contributiontobookanthology/reportchapterChapter in report
contributiontoconference/paperPaper, not in proceeding
contributiontojournal/abstractPublished meeting abstract
contributiontojournal/bookReview (Book/Film/Exhibition/etc.)
contributiontojournal/specialSpecial issue (editor)
contributiontojournal/systematicreviewScientific review
contributiontoperiodical/articleSpecialist publication article
contributiontoperiodical/bookReview (Book/Film/Exhibition/etc.)
contributiontoperiodical/newspaperarticleNewspaper article
nontextual/artisticworkArtistic work
nontextual/exhibitionCurated/produced exhibition/event
othercontribution/teaching_caseTeaching case
othercontribution/web_publication_blog_postWeb publication
thesis/docartDoctoral thesis (artistic)
thesis/doccompDoctoral thesis (compilation)
thesis/docmonoDoctoral thesis (monograph)
thesis/licentiatethesisLicentiate thesis
thesis/masterMaster's thesis
workingpaper/workingpaperWorking paper



Languages, 3 letter code, subset of (iso639-2b), 'mis' is used for other languages.

Language codeLanguage name


Subjects terms are based on the UKÄ classification.

Subject CodeSubject
1Natural Sciences
101      Mathematics
10101          Mathematical Analysis
10102          Geometry
10103          Algebra and Logic
10104          Discrete Mathematics
10105          Computational Mathematics
10106          Probability Theory and Statistics
10199          Other Mathematics
102      Computer and Information Science
10201          Computer Science
10202          Information Systems
10203          Bioinformatics (Computational Biology)
10204          Human Computer Interaction
10205          Software Engineering
10206          Computer Engineering
10207          Computer Vision and Robotics (Autonomous Systems)
10208          Language Technology (Computational Linguistics)
10209          Media and Communication Technology
10299          Other Computer and Information Science
103      Physical Sciences
10301          Subatomic Physics
10302          Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics
10303          Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics
10304          Condensed Matter Physics
10305          Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
10306          Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation
10399          Other Physics Topics
104      Chemical Sciences
10401          Analytical Chemistry
10402          Physical Chemistry
10403          Materials Chemistry
10404          Inorganic Chemistry
10405          Organic Chemistry
10406          Polymer Chemistry
10407          Theoretical Chemistry
10499          Other Chemistry Topics
105      Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
10501          Climate Research
10502          Environmental Sciences
10503          Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
10504          Geology
10505          Geophysics
10506          Geochemistry
10507          Physical Geography
10508          Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
10509          Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources
10599          Other Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
106      Biological Sciences
10601          Structural Biology
10602          Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
10603          Biophysics
10604          Cell Biology
10605          Immunology
10606          Microbiology
10607          Botany
10608          Zoology
10609          Genetics
10610          Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
10611          Ecology
10612          Biological Systematics
10613          Behavioral Sciences Biology
10614          Developmental Biology
10615          Evolutionary Biology
10699          Other Biological Topics
107      Other Natural Sciences
10799          Other Natural Sciences not elsewhere specified
2Engineering and Technology
201      Civil Engineering
20101          Architectural Engineering
20102          Construction Management
20103          Building Technologies
20104          Infrastructure Engineering
20105          Transport Systems and Logistics
20106          Geotechnical Engineering
20107          Water Engineering
20108          Environmental Analysis and Construction Information Technology
20199          Other Civil Engineering
202      Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
20201          Robotics
20202          Control Engineering
20203          Communication Systems
20204          Telecommunications
20205          Signal Processing
20206          Computer Systems
20207          Embedded Systems
20299          Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
203      Mechanical Engineering
20301          Applied Mechanics
20302          Aerospace Engineering
20303          Vehicle Engineering
20304          Energy Engineering
20305          Reliability and Maintenance
20306          Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics
20307          Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics
20308          Tribology
20399          Other Mechanical Engineering
204      Chemical Engineering
20401          Chemical Process Engineering
20402          Corrosion Engineering
20403          Polymer Technologies
20404          Pharmaceutical Chemistry
20499          Other Chemical Engineering
205      Materials Engineering
20501          Ceramics
20502          Composite Science and Engineering
20503          Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology
20504          Textile, Rubber and Polymeric Materials
20505          Manufacturing, Surface and Joining Technology
20506          Metallurgy and Metallic Materials
20599          Other Materials Engineering
206      Medical Engineering
20601          Medical Laboratory and Measurements Technologies
20602          Medical Materials
20603          Medical Image Processing
20604          Medical Equipment Engineering
20605          Medical Ergonomics
20699          Other Medical Engineering
207      Environmental Engineering
20701          Geophysical Engineering
20702          Energy Systems
20703          Remote Sensing
20704          Mineral and Mine Engineering
20705          Marine Engineering
20706          Ocean and River Engineering
20707          Environmental Management
20799          Other Environmental Engineering
208      Environmental Biotechnology
20801          Bioremediation
20802          Diagnostic Biotechnology
20803          Water Treatment
20804          Bioethics
20899          Other Environmental Biotechnology
209      Industrial Biotechnology
20901          Bioprocess Technology
20902          Biochemicals
20903          Bio Materials
20904          Bioenergy
20905          Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
20906          Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology
20907          Bioengineering Equipment
20908          Medical Biotechnology
20999          Other Industrial Biotechnology
210      Nano Technology
21001          Nano Technology
211      Other Engineering and Technologies
21101          Food Engineering
21102          Media Engineering
21103          Interaction Technologies
21199          Other Engineering and Technologies not elsewhere specified
3Medical and Health Sciences
301      Basic Medicine
30101          Pharmaceutical Sciences
30102          Pharmacology and Toxicology
30103          Medicinal Chemistry
30104          Social and Clinical Pharmacy
30105          Neurosciences
30106          Physiology
30107          Medical Genetics
30108          Cell and Molecular Biology
30109          Microbiology in the medical area
30110          Immunology in the medical area
30199          Other Basic Medicine
302      Clinical Medicine
30201          Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
30202          Hematology
30203          Cancer and Oncology
30204          Dermatology and Venereal Diseases
30205          Endocrinology and Diabetes
30206          Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
30207          Neurology
30208          Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging
30209          Infectious Medicine
30210          Rheumatology and Autoimmunity
30211          Orthopedics
30212          Surgery
30213          Gastroenterology and Hepatology
30214          Urology and Nephrology
30215          Psychiatry
30216          Dentistry
30217          Ophthalmology
30218          Otorhinolaryngology
30219          Respiratory Medicine and Allergy
30220          Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine
30221          Pediatrics
30222          Geriatrics
30223          Clinical Laboratory Medicine
30224          Family Medicine
30299          Other Clinical Medicine
303      Health Sciences
30301          Health Care Service and Management, Health Policy and Services and Health Economy
30302          Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology
30303          Environmental Health and Occupational Health
30304          Nutrition and Dietetics
30305          Nursing
30306          Occupational Therapy
30307          Physiotherapy
30308          Sport and Fitness Sciences
30309          Substance Abuse
30310          Medical Ethics
30399          Other Health Sciences
304      Medical Biotechnology
30401          Medical Biotechnology
30402          Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology
30403          Biomaterials Science
30499          Other Medical Biotechnology
305      Other Medical Sciences
30501          Forensic Science
30502          Gerontology, specializing in Medical and Health Sciences
30599          Other Medical Sciences not elsewhere specified
4Agricultural Sciences
401      Agricultural Science, Forestry and Fisheries
40101          Agricultural Science
40102          Horticulture
40103          Food Science
40104          Forest Science
40105          Wood Science
40106          Soil Science
40107          Fish and Aquacultural Science
40108          Landscape Architecture
402      Animal and Dairy Science
40201          Animal and Dairy Science
403      Veterinary Science
40301          Medical Bioscience
40302          Pathobiology
40303          Clinical Science
40304          Other Veterinary Science
404      Agricultural Biotechnology
40401          Plant Biotechnology
40402          Genetics and Breeding
405      Other Agricultural Sciences
40501          Renewable Bioenergy Research
40502          Fish and Wildlife Management
40503          Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety
40504          Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use
40599          Other Agricultural Sciences not elsewhere specified
5Social Sciences
501      Psychology
50101          Psychology (excluding Applied Psychology)
50102          Applied Psychology
502      Economics and Business
50201          Economics
50202          Business Administration
50203          Economic History
503      Educational Sciences
50301          Pedagogy
50302          Didactics
50303          Learning
50304          Pedagogical Work
504      Sociology
50401          Sociology (excluding Social Work, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology)
50402          Social Work
50403          Social Psychology
50404          Social Anthropology
505      Law
50501          Law (excluding Law and Society)
50502          Law and Society
506      Political Science
50601          Political Science (excluding Public Administration Studies and Globalization Studies)
50602          Public Administration Studies
50603          Globalization Studies
507      Social and Economic Geography
50701          Human Geography
50702          Economic Geography
508      Media and Communications
50801          Media Studies
50802          Communication Studies
50803          Human Aspects of ICT
50804          Information Systems, Social aspects
50805          Information Studies
509      Other Social Sciences
50901          Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
50902          Gender Studies
50903          Work Sciences
50904          International Migration and Ethnic Relations
50999          Other Social Sciences not elsewhere specified
601      History and Archaeology
60101          History
60102          History of Technology
60103          Archaeology
602      Languages and Literature
60201          General Language Studies and Linguistics
60202          Specific Languages
60203          General Literature Studies
60204          Specific Literatures
603      Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
60301          Philosophy
60302          Ethics
60303          Religious Studies
60304          History of Religions
60305          History of Ideas
604      Arts
60401          Visual Arts
60402          Music
60403          Literary Composition
60404          Performing Arts
60405          Architecture
60406          Design
60407          Art History
60408          Musicology
60409          Performing Art Studies
60410          Studies on Film
605      Other Humanities
60501          Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
60502          Cultural Studies
60503          Ethnology
60599          Other Humanities not elsewhere specified

Publication statuses

  • epub
  • inpress
  • published
  • submitted
  • unpublished

Artistic work types

  • artefact
  • composition
  • concert
  • data_set_database
  • design
  • digital
  • exhibition_event
  • performance
  • software
  • text
  • other
  • web_publication_site

Example queries

(department exact v1000601 or popularscience exact 0) and deathRecords under v1000601 (Department of Biology) or popular science and death in any of the common fields.
abstract = nanotechnologythe abstracts contains the word "nanotechnology"
author all "eriksson bergman"author list contains both the words eriksson and bergman
author any "eriksson bergman"author list contains either eriksson or bergman
author exact "Persson, Martin"author has the given full name
author exact 0000-0002-4775-872Xauthor has the given ORCID
author exact lub-jerauthor has the given LUCAT-ID
dateCreated = *-05-30the record was last changed in January 2019 or later
dateCreated exact "2019-03-20 11:03:00"the record was created at the specified date and time
dateCreated= "*-01 00*"the record was created the 1st of the month between 12 and 1 am.
datelastChanged >= 2019-01the record was last changed in January 2019 or later
documenttype exact "contributiontojournal/article" not openaccess exact 1journal articles that are not open access
externalIdentifier ="22940734"record containing given identifier with any prefix
externalIdentifier exact "PMID:22940734"record containing the exact given identifier
id any "4414302 8643cf22-fb90-4d49-ac9d-c2c2d81d6b88"records with any the given IDs (pure UUID or old LUP ID)
issn any "1436-3798 1943-3530"Records with the any of the supplied ISSNs
keywords exact "war crimes"keywords entry is exactly the phrase "war crimes"
project = "cent??"Records with with words in project name matching the supplied term (will match both 'centre' and center)
project exact P123Record with project matching the project id
project+exact+c746f611-02ca-4de3-adc4-f84bd4f42bfbRecords with project matching the supplied UUID
subject all "1* 203*"with subjects both under 1 (natural sciences) and 203 (Mechanical Engineering)
subject exact 10407with subject 10407 (Theoretical Chemistry)
swedenany common fields contain the word "Sweden"
title=computer* and title <> gamestitle or alternative title contains words starting with "computer" but don't contain "games"

Note that the maximum size of the URI should not reach more than 8190 bytes or you will get the "URI too long" server error. In order to avoid this error for large queries the request to the server can be sent as a POST request instead of a GET request.

Output format

For description (in Swedish) of the output format see: MODS applikationsprofil

See also mapping of LUP fields to MODS: LUP to MODS mapping .