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Do you have a boyfriend? Researching Policies and Discourses on Gender-Sex-Sexuality in Schools as a Queer Researcher

Schmitt, Irina LU orcid (2009) Feminist Research Methods – An International Conference
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research methods, queer, ethics, youth research, positionality
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Feminist Research Methods – An International Conference
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Centre for Gender Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden
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2009-02-04 - 2009-02-06
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Abstract: I will present ongoing research on policies that regulate gender-sex-sexuality in schools. I am drawing on material from Canadian, German and Swedish school curricula and policy documents, comparing representations and discourses of gender-sex-sexuality. Using material from three immigration socities, I am interested in possible interdependences of gender-sex-sexuality and ethno-national definitions of belonging in such regulations. This research is movitated by an earlier empirical study with young people (in Germany and Canada), and their reflections on non-heteronormative sexualities. Three aspects remained unresolved for me from that previous study: the prevalence of negative or problematizing reactions towards non-heteronormative sexualities, the difficulties of non-heteronormative youth to mention (never mind discuss) their self-positioning, and my own decission to remain ambivalent about my own queerness in the interaction with the participating young people. Therefore, my ongoing research aims not only to document the regulatory aspects of policies on gender-sex-sexualities in schools. I am also trying to develop a methodology that allows for and productivly works with the self-positionings of researchers (queer or otherwise). Using queer theory as a research approach, qualitative methodology in data collection and discourse analysis for analysis has been useful in my previous work. Yet, the role of the researcher – especially in youth research – might be critically examined and the implications of specific presentations of researcher personalities reconsidered.
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