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Enhancement or Distortion? From The Claude Glass to Instagram

Willim, Robert LU orcid (2013)
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Media history, aesthetics: visual studies, visual culture, cultural studies, media, new media, Claude Lorrain, John Ruskin, Tim Ingold, Instagram, photo filters, software, distortion, The Lorrain Mirror, The Claude Glass, tourism, Orvar Löfgren, visualization technologies, borrowed features, normative aesthetics, taste, professional culture, photography, digital photography, landscape art, picturesque, the black mirror, retro, instagram aesthetics, visual aid, creative tools, digital filters
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Sarai Reader 09: Projections
Sarai Reader 09, Editorial Collective
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This essay was inspired by my work with the video artwork Close to Nature, which I made for an exhibition in northern Finland in 2011. Close to Nature is an examination of mediations in relation to nature. The work is based on the juxtaposition of a lo-fi domestic media device with ideas about landscape representation. A version of the work can be viewed here: It was also exhibited together with other works under the name Transmutations of Nature. More info: An early version of this essay was presented at the workshop Digital Cameras as a Nexus in Everyday Life as a part of Helsinki Photomedia Conference 28-30 March 2012, Helsinki, Finland. I am grateful for all the comments I got during the workshop, especially the ones by Karin Becker.
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