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Statistical error studies in the ESS linac

Eshraqi, Mohammad LU ; de Prisco, Renato LU ; Miyamoto, Ryoichi LU ; Edgar, Sargsyan and Heine Dølrath, Thomsen (2014) 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC 2014 p.3323-3325
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ESS, esss, DTL, drift, Tube, Linac, beam, dynamics, RF, radio, frequency, stabilization, post, couplers, coupler, tuner, tuners, pick, accelerating, sensitivity, tuning, tilt, pmq, permanent, quadrupole, focusing, detuning, mismatch, parameter, matched, twiss, parameters, phase, advance, cooling, stem, stems, compensation, software, emittance, growth, tune, depression, error, study, studies, position, monitor, monitors, steerers, adjust, steerer, rfq, input, alignment, angle, cavity, tank, dipole, static, dynamic, PIC-NIC, PIC-NIR, statistic, statistical, TraceWin, confidence, power, losses, lost, level, longitudinal, transverse, MEBT, medium, beta, high, average
3 pages
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5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC 2014
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Dresden, Germany
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2014-06-15 - 2014-06-20
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