A New World of Work Challenging Swedish Unions

Bruhn, Anders ; Kjellberg, Anders LU and Sandberg, Åke (2013) p.126-186
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work, Swedish model, trade union, union density, sociology, sociologi, Metall, collective bargaining, Industrial relations, fackförening, goda arbetet, organisationsgrad, working life, centralisation, decentralisation, blue-collar union, white-collar union, Industry Agreement, self-regulation, state regulation, LO, TCO, Saco, SAF, union confederation
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Nordic Lights. Work, Management and Welfare in Scandinavia
Sandberg, Åke and
126 - 186
SNS Förlag
Union Density in a Global Perspective
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Anders Kjellbergs hemsida

Utgivningsdatum 25 juni 2013

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Foreword by Paul Adler 7
Preface 9
1. How Bright are the Nordic Lights? 13 Åke Sandberg and Fredrik Movitz

Part I
2. Contested Models: Productive Welfare and Solidaristic Individualism 31 Fredrik Movitz and Åke Sandberg
3. Management: Still a Fashion Industry 91 Torsten Björkman
4. A New World of Work Challenging Swedish Unions 126 Anders Bruhn, Anders Kjellberg and Åke Sandberg

Part II
5. Volvo and a Swedish Organisation and Management Model 189 Anders Boglind
6. Assembly Systems and Work in the Swedish Automotive Industry 225 Bo Blomquist, Tomas Engström, Dan Jonsson and Lars Medbo

Part III
7. When the Blues Meets the Blue Eye 257 Christian Koch
8. Organisational Change and Resistance in Norwegian Working Life 277 Egil J. Skorstad
9. Management of Working Environment 296 Annette Kamp and Klaus T. Nielsen

Part IV
10. Gender in New Management 329 Martha Blomqvist
11. Gendering Management 348 Anna Wahl

Part V 12. Flexibility in Practice 371 Birgitta Eriksson and Jan Ch. Karlsson
13. New Management and Good Work? A Swedish Experience 384 Christofer Edling and Åke Sandberg
14. NPM in Sweden: The Risky Balance between Bureaucracy and Politics 406 Patrik Hall
15. Flexibility, Boundarylessness and the Strategies of Work 420 Michael Allvin and Gunnar Aronsson
16. The New Economy Rhetoric and Interactive Media Workers 436 Fredrik Movitz
17. Quality of Work and Product in Digital and Print Media 449 Åke Sandberg and Helena Norman
18. Employee Board Representation in the Swedish Private Sector 471 Fredrik Movitz and Klas Levinson

Part VI
19. Swedish Research on Organisations and Management 487 Sten Jönsson

The Contributors 508
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