Possible selves in women with anorexia nervosa.

Erikson, Martin G. LU ; Lundblad, Suzanna and Hansson, Berit (2007) 10th General Meeting of the European Council on Eating Disorders
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10th General Meeting of the European Council on Eating Disorders
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2007-09-19 - 2007-09-21
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Possible selves are conception of our selves as agents in the future. To investigate spontaneous possible selves in relation to anorexia, twenty women with anorexia diagnoses were tested with Possible Selves Statements Test (PSST, Erikson, 2007) and compared with a control group from a student population. PSST is an inventory of spontaneously reported possible selves, where the participant is instructed to write down fourteen conceptions of the future and rate their emotional value, probability and controllability. The pattern of results demonstrates that the participants with anorexia differed from the control group both in content and evaluation of their possible selves. In particular, the negative expectations of the anorectic group were much more profound. In therapy sessions with some of the participants, their PSST responses have also been used to explicate patients' fears and expectations about the future, with an interesting potential as a therapeutic tool.
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