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Error study on the normal conducting ESS linac

de Prisco, Renato LU ; Karlsson, Anders LU ; Eshraqi, Mohammad LU ; Miyamoto, Ryoichi LU and Sargsyan, Edgar LU (2014) LINAC2014 p.942-944
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  keywords     = {{ESS; esss; DTL; drift; Tube; Linac; beam; dynamics; RF; radio; frequency; stabilization; post; couplers; coupler; tuner; tuners; pick; accelerating; sensitivity; tuning; tilt; pmq; permanent; quadrupole; focusing; detuning; mismatch; parameter; matched; twiss; parameters; phase; advance; cooling; stem; stems; compensation; software; emittance; growth; tune; depression; error; study; studies; position; monitor; monitors; steerers; adjust; steerer; rfq; input; alignment; angle; cavity; tank; dipole; static; dynamic; PIC-NIC; PIC-NIR; statistic; statistical; TraceWin; confidence; power; losses; lost; level; longitudinal; transverse; MEBT; medium; beta; high; average}},
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  title        = {{Error study on the normal conducting ESS linac}},
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